The first project I would like to share is my "Alle Dagen Dromen" or "Always Daydreaming" book. For everyone who feels "different" sometimes. I graduated with this book in Visual Communication and Illustration at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU).

Inspired by my own past I created this visual novel about a girl who spends her days mostly daydreaming instead of playing with her classmates. She finds out she is different and tries to find a way to deal with this without losing herself.

I am immensely grateful to have received all the positive responses to this book. To hear it inspired and encouraged people of all ages to be more true to themselves and to follow their dreams. To make people feel understood in whatever way they felt different. When I created this book, I told myself that if only I could make a positive change for one person, it would have been worth all the effort. I could not have dreamed of the amount of lifechanging responses I got.

The dutch version (1000 copies) is nearly sold out now. It is recently translated to English and French and a Hindi translation is in the making as well.  Alle Dagen Dromen in short is "ADD" or Attention Deficit Disorder. The other titles now are: Always Daydreaming, Toujours en train de rêvasser and दिन के सपनो मे खोयी सदा.

It has been nominated for the "Brabantse Zetopen Prijs", which focusses on projects that have a positive impact on their environment.

For orders: please contact me through the e-mail adress on my main page. The dutch version is €20,- (+€4,- shipping costs).

After the first 6 images you can find pictures of some of my other illustration projects like the ones for publisher Leopold and Dark Dragon Books.

For tv-interview (in dutch) see video:

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