The second project I would love to share with you is that of the graphic novel "Ghosts of the Mangrove". Made entirely in chalk/pastel. Renincy (my best friend, partner in crime and professional writer) and I go to our limits in trying to make this the best creative project we ever made.

Once the graphic novel is finished, a part of the profits will go to a charity to help protect the jungles and wild life of our precious blue planet. So the epicness that exists for real in this comic will keep existing in real life.

The story

Fawz is a fox cub that lives in the mangrove forests of India, who gets the blame for starting a war between humans and nature. He is banished to a dark forest that is enchanted by chamanistic magic.

Lost without his family he has to start anew.

Fawz discovers fanged deer that eat meat, leopards that hunt upside down, unknown animals that actually exist. But also animals that have gone extinct in our world roam free as undead monsters, such as an elephant with two trunks and four tusks, and rhinos the size of a house!

Even the smallest fox never runs out of plans to try.

Can Fawz find a way to stop the war and save his family?

Why Patreon?

Patreon is monthly crowdfunding, allowing artists to make more of the stuff you love. With your help we can make this graphic novel a reality.

Supporters get to see behind the scenes work. Depending on how much you support, you will receive all kinds of goodies, art and commissions. There's even the chance for a comic version of yourself to become a character in the story! Go check it out!:

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