The reason why I put Abunai and Howling Riot on the same page is because both are heavily influenced by japanese manga style. Below you can find a gallery with both. You can click the top 2 images to go to their websites.


Abunai is a Dutch Japanese culture convention. This 3-day event has about 5000 visitors a day and takes place at the end of august in Veldhoven. It has anime, manga, games, workshops, lectures, karaoke, cosplay, dealers and many more japanese popculture related events. I get to draw the illustrations for their official poster each year, together with their advertisements, flyers, t-shirts, etc.


Howling Riot is a dutch doujin circle/art studio which originally started out as a shounen manga magazine in 2005 with members (volunteers) from all over the world. I am one of its 3 founders. It has currently become a platform from where we show a wider range in art styles and other creative work at events.

Most of our notifications about what events we will attend and what we will bring will be placed on facebook. (facebook link can be found on my home page) If you follow our page on facebook you get first pick in whatever limited merchandise we bring to the event.

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